by Feha, 344 days ago

Hello people!

I'd like to ask everyone that wanted to stay and raid with us in Legion to transfer to Draenor before 25.07.2016

so we can start preparing for Legion together.




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by Feha, 356 days ago

Imbalance is back!

We have a new website design coming up soon, new discord server, new everything! The only thing that remains are the old core members playing :)

We are starting with our ingame activities on prepatch date (no official date - rumours are 19.7.2016)

Guild is already transfered to Draenor, anyone that still didn't do so you have time until legion (or first week into legion if you want to level on lower pop realms).

We will be having some raids after prepatch to get used to class changes and also to see some new people in action!

As things are now i'm expecting few people to still change their minds but if they dont we are sitting with 19ish active raiders ready and waiting for legion to rek some bosses :)


If you are interested in playing with us feel free to drop an application on our forums (temporary template etc...)

We are looking all classes!



Feel free to pop on discord anytime you want!

See you ingame!







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